Speaking a different language

If you have come to the UK for the first time and need a professional adviser for your tax affairs, we at, MGT Chartered Accountants, are committed to providing support for business growth in a range of situations including business meetings, conferences and other related situations.

Interpreting and Translating your culture, business and tax affairs

Don't worry if you do not speak our language. The language is just a form of communication and there are various other methods we can use to get things moving.

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Unlike translators, interpreters don’t get a chance to ‘polish’ and improve their message. They frequently work under pressure and time constraints without any possibility of rectifying any errors. Because interpreting is done in real time on the spot, it demands the very highest skills, coupled with sensitivity and a sense of diplomacy. MGT Chartered Accountants has associated with various interpreting firms not just to convert your spoken word but also the differences in cultures, expressions and business etiquette that inevitably come when deciding to work internationally and within specific disciplines.

Our Translation Support

Technically correct translation is vital but not enough. The need to communicate effectively in writing is essential to achieving business growth across global markets.

By choosing a translator familiar not only with the language but also the industry sector in which you work, we will capture and communicate even the most tricky technical details or subtle marketing word play in the language of your choice. MGT Chartered Accountants work with various translation support partners to help achieve your business, accounting and tax goals.

Market Intelligence Reporting

If you are looking to develop your business interests in global markets, market research is essential to find the most appropriate method of doing business in your target market. Market research will highlight potential business partners and customers, and it will give you a clear picture of what your competitors are up to and how they conduct business in that market.

We can establish links with appropriate institutions, help to develop your understanding of local business practice and the rules and regulations that govern your business in the target area, and translate relevant websites and other materials to provide you with key market information, which are helpful in sourcing financing arrangements with your bankers.

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