Business Intelligence Support

In business, there is no crystal ball.

But why not try the next best thing?

Whether for short term cash management or long term strategic decisions, accurate forecasts are essential throughout the life of a business, allowing you to plan for the future and giving confidence to finance providers or other third parties.

Anticipating possible outcomes with bespoke forecasting:

  Scenario Planning

Within our cash flow forecasts, we can include the ability to run scenarios to help you understand the impact of decisions on your business. Our scenarios can be used to run several simulations, identifying the most sensitive variables to focus your efforts on.

We can model potential outcomes from a strategic decision – such as opening a new branch - or environmental factors – such as a change in legislation.

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 Financial Forecasts

In difficult times the future is far more important than the past. We can help you to review existing financial forecasts or prepare new ones, whether you need a long-term turnaround initiative or have a short-term funding requirement.

We use our expertise to quickly assess your financial position and performance, analysing any underlying assumptions to robustly quantify your funding requirements, as well as identify key risks. We then devise achievable strategies to mitigate your funding needs and improve cash flow.

Our involvement ensures that you and your business, as well as lenders and other stakeholders, can rely on the financial forecasts, enabling everyone to make more informed decisions in complex and often changing circumstances. Contact us for an initial assessment

 Raising Finance

Cashflow forecasting is often undertaken as part of the process to obtain financing for a project or growth of your business, both as a requirement of the finance provider and for your own planning purposes.

We work with businesses and lenders to identify the most appropriate lending structures, ensuring that the right funding is put in place to meet the organisational strategy and risk appetite.

We have access to an extensive network of funding sources – including banks, asset-based lenders, private equity and other options – who can react quickly and are willing to invest in business turnaround and situations of financial distress. We leverage that knowledge and our network to ensure your business has access to the widest possible range of suitable funding sources. We can then liaise with potential funders and stakeholders to reduce the burden on your management.

 Actuals comparison

Upon completion of your forecast, your next step may be to understand how your business is performing in relation to your forecast figures.

We offer the option to integrate actual figures from your accounting system into your forecast, so you can compare actual performance on a line by line basis and quickly identify shortfalls in performance.

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