Secretarial, Wills and LPA’s


MGT Secretaries manages all of your company’s legal requirements without the need for you to employ an in-house company secretary. Our outsourced solution offers you piece of mind when receiving financial correspondence and ensures full compliance with Government deadlines and changes.

Instructing MGT Secretaries as your Company’s Registered Office, benefits from our full Secretary Service; including the Annual filing of confirmation statements, maintaining a list of registered officers and shareholders, as well as completing the Governments disclosure of Persons with Significant Control requirements.

MGT Secretarial Assistance:

  1. Confirmation Statement
  2. People with Significant Control (PSC)
  3. Share Capital Structure
  4. Company Registers
  5. Registered Office


Will Writing:

Creating or updating your will can often be complicated, and making decisions on what happens to your possessions, money and property is never an easy conversation. A will ensures your assets are distributed to the people or causes that you care about in line with your wishes. MGT CA can offer individual wills, mirror wills or non-mirror wills.

MGT’s will writing service can take away added stress and give you piece of mind in providing you with everything you need. Outlined below are our different will writing services available to you:

  1. Single Will - An individual will to reflect your own wishes.
  2. Mirror Wills - Virtually identical wills for couples who reflect each other’s wishes.
  3. Non-mirror Wills - For couples where your wishes do not match, effectively creating two different wills.


Lasting power of attorney (LPA):

A lasting power of attorney or LPA, enables you to give another person the right to make decisions on your behalf if you become unable to make decisions.

Lasting power of attorney comes in two types;

  1. Health and Welfare and
  2. Financial and Property

These are separate lasting powers of attorney and are split because they require different experience and knowledge.

  1. Single LPA Health or Financial - Single lasting power of attorney for either health or financial
  2. Single LPA Health and Financial - Single lasting power of attorney for both health & financial
  3. Joint LPA Health or Financial - Joint lasting power of attorney for either health or financial
  4. Joint LPA Health and Financial - Joint lasting power of attorneys for both health & financial


Will Holding Service

We can hold your will securely on your behalf to ensure that the will is not lost or unintentionally or accidentally destroyed. Using this service will entitle you to a free update to your will every 3 years.