Forensic Accounting and Reporting

Our Forensic Technology Services include:

⇥Data scoping/mapping

⇥Backup and archive data restoration

⇥Structured data analytics

⇥Social network intelligence analysis

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Forensic accounting involves the investigation of fraudulent financial activity and misrepresentation. This produces evidence that is then used in legal proceedings – often as evidence to prosecute
In forensic accounting, our team applies keen analytical and investigative skills to examine a business’ financial records, collating evidence that is appropriate to use in a court of law. This practice integrates accounting, auditing, and investigative expertise.

The range of work we conduct as part of our forensic accounting service is diverse, often covering many different industries and sectors. We pride ourselves on our thorough and holistic approach to forensic accounting, striving for excellence in the service that we deliver.

Our experienced and knowledgeable experts/partners are here to help and advise you on a variety of matters, including:

Personal injury claims
Insurance claims
Money laundering
Matrimonial disputes and family law
Criminal investigations
Business fraud investigations
Professional negligence

We look beyond the numbers, challenging suspicious activity by analysing, interpreting, and summarising the often complex evidence

In tightening economic conditions – and with ever-stricter governance of companies – the demand for the expertise of forensic accountants is growing. As financial pressures increase, your business may be more vulnerable to fraud, so improving risk management and internal frameworks early is key.

If you have been the victim of fraudulent activity, or have suspicions regarding potential misdemeanours, we can and are here to help

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