Restructuring Services

Restructuring Services

The process of supporting clients

We will examine the issues and provide you with clear, sensible, and actionable advice. We will then work with you to explore your options and put sustainable plans in place.

We thoroughly review various aspects of your business, including management information, financial accounts and forecasts, discussing your challenges and how this has impacted cash.

It is important for us to understand which product or service line might be underperforming. From here, we can work with you to restructure the business ultimately fulfilling the shareholders priorities

Our turnaround services include the following:

 Informal Arrangements

When a Company is experiencing short term difficulties we can assist by helping you reach an informal agreement with creditors to postpone or re-structure debts and give you time to recover. This may involve negotiation with a single creditor or a group of creditors to reach an informal agreement to repay debt(s) over a period of time.

We can help you prepare and review formal written proposals and our involvement adds credibility, improving the likelihood of acceptance by creditors.

Contact us for a needs assessment or see our full list of insolvency and recovery services

 Financial Forecasts

In difficult times the future is far more important than the past. We can help you to review existing financial forecasts or prepare new ones, whether you need a long-term turnaround initiative or have a short-term funding requirement.

We use our expertise to quickly assess your financial position and performance, analysing any underlying assumptions to robustly quantify your funding requirements, as well as identify key risks. We then devise achievable strategies to mitigate your funding needs and improve cash flow.

Our involvement ensures that you and your business, as well as lenders and other stakeholders, can rely on the financial forecasts, enabling everyone to make more informed decisions in complex and often changing circumstances. Contact us for an initial assessment

 Debt Restructuring

Securing the right funding to give your business the best chance of survival and success is crucial. We can project manage a refinancing or fundraising process from start to finish, including post-transaction support and monitoring.

We work with businesses and lenders to identify the most appropriate lending structures, ensuring that the right funding is put in place to meet the organisational strategy and risk appetite.

We have access to an extensive network of funding sources – including banks, asset-based lenders, private equity and other options – who can react quickly and are willing to invest in business turnaround and situations of financial distress. We leverage that knowledge and our network to ensure your business has access to the widest possible range of suitable funding sources. We can then liaise with potential funders and stakeholders to reduce the burden on your management.

 HMRC Arrears Solutions

When you need to be focused on your business the added burden of dealing with HMRC arrears can be a significant pressure. We can help you to reschedule your tax arrears by talking to HMRC on your behalf, and proposing sustainable, commercially acceptable Time to Pay (TTP) proposals, often as part of a wider turnaround. As well as reviewing forecasts (including an independent assessment of your business viability) and ensuring that your management strategy is both achievable and fit for purpose,

we can prepare and review formal written proposals within HMRC deadlines, negotiate and liaise directly with HMRC (under form 64-8,communicate and liaise with lenders and other stakeholders.

Our involvement adds credibility to proposals, improves the likelihood that they will be accepted, and reduces the risk of future TTPs being required.