Succession Planning & Profit Extraction

Eventually, every business owner leaves their business. However, many do not consider thorough succession planning and therefore do not leave on their own terms. It is never too early to start thinking about your exit strategy.

Exiting your business is a huge milestone, and not just a flick of the switch. Maximising value and preserving the success you built for your business requires substantial preparation through a well thought out, tailored process.

We recognise that your business is more than just a ‘9 to 5’ and the decision to step away is a significant moment in both your professional career and personal life.

We will support your every step, providing the right advice when it matters most.

Do any of the following issues resonate with you?

-When is the right time to sell my business interest?

-How do I prepare for retirement, sale and / or closure?

-What is my business worth and how to value it?

-I am selling my business. How can I extract my cash from the company?

-What is a pre-pack and when should it be used?

-How do I plan a management buyout?

-How can I prepare for a quick sale if needed?

-How can minimise tax on exit?

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