Financial Planning

Financial Planning and Wealth Management

As our life expectancy increases, we need to be certain that we are financially prepared not only for our retirement, but also for any care we might need later in our life. As qualified accountants, we are well used to thinking about the best possible outcomes for our clients. We are hard-wired to present personalised solutions based on efficiency and effectiveness togerher with value for money.
This is why we have shifted away from results-based outcomes to goals-based planning through our qualified delivery partners.

Personal Financial Planning (PFP) Solutions we can offer through our delivery partners

Bespoke PFP

We recognise that everyone’s financial planning needs are different, so you’ll get a very personal service tailored to your precise needs, with regular reviews available and planning for 'what if' scenarios.

Expert PFP

You’ll have direct access to the qualified team of specialists of our delivery partners who are experienced in dealing with complex financial affairs involving substantial income or assets and will keep you up to date on the issues affecting you.

Independent PFP

We don’t provide our own financial products; so, you can be sure you’ll get independent, fee-based advice on the widest possible selection of relevant financial planning solutions from a trusted adviser.

Holistic PFP

Our delivery partners and colleagues include pensions advisers, investment managers, Estate Planners/Will writers and international tax planners who can provide you with a range of services where required.

Our Solutions Include

Planning Your Retirement
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Planning Your Investments
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Planning for Your Care
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Protecting Your Family
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Passing on Your Estate
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International Tax planning
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Managing a Divorce Settlement
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Tax Efficient Savings/Investments
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In order to unlock the hidden potential and to get the best possible one-stop shop advice, we have partnered with various teams. Our delivery partners and collaborative network comprise the following

Chartered Financial Planners
Solicitors and Barristers
Independent Financial Advisers
Will / LPA Writers
Wealth / Investment Managers

If you are interested in finding out more, feel free to get in touch with your usual contact at MGT Chartered Accountants in order to plan ahead with no obligation.